All of God’s people are responsible for ensuring the church’s apostolicity. Very Reverend Gabriel Obasanmi Ademoroti faithfully exposited the Word of God to his congregations throughout his earthly ministry and teaching career. Apostolicity as one of the defining elements of the church according to the Apostles’ Creed ‘means being in continuity with the Holy faith and practice of the Apostles’ (Jude 3). The challenge today is that a church that is not built on the foundation of the teaching of the Apostles and prophets—the divine revelation of the Scriptures—will not endure in faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Baba Ademoroti’s ministry sought to reform the Methodist faith and practice according to the Word of God. Baba Ademoroti’s ministry reflected the Apostolicity we profess.

The Very Reverend Gabriel Obasanmi Ademoroti’s ministry reminds us that every authentic Christian ministry and leadership begins with the conviction that we have been called to handle God’s Word as its guardians and heralds. Baba Ademoroti remains a Gospel testament as a Methodist Christian minister who is not satisfied with “rumours of God” as a substitute for “good news from God.”

One of the most significant weaknesses of contemporary Christianity is our comparative neglect of Christian ethics in both our teaching and our practice. John Stott said, “We are known as people who preach the Gospel rather than those who live it. As a result, we are not always conspicuous in the community, as we should be, for our respect for the sanctity and the quality of human life, our commitment to social justice, our honesty and integrity in business, our simplicity of lifestyle and happy contentment in contrast to the greed of the consumer society, or for the stability of our homes in which unfaithfulness and divorce are practically unknown.” Baba Ademoroti lives on, presenting a striking contrast to Christian neglect of ethics. He gave detailed instruction in Christian moral behaviour even in his teaching profession. 

Baba Ademoroti’s ten years ministry at Methodist Church Nigeria, Oke Omi, Osu, Osu circuit, October 1984-1994, remains a model of authentic Christian ministry, ethics, and leadership. At Osu, God used him to build a big modern church to replace the old small Methodist Church, Oke-Omi, Osu, he met in 1984. Baba Ademoroti is known in Osu as a leader, mentor, and minister who preached the Gospel and lived it with integrity, accountability, and transparency. Baba Ademoroti was very conspicuous in the Osu community as a leader and minister in truth and deeds. Baba Ademoroti had respect for the sanctity and the quality of human life not only as a Chaplain to the Boys’ Brigade in Osu. His commitment to social justice, personal integrity, sacrificial ministry, simplicity of lifestyle, and happy contentment, in contrast to the greed and immorality of the consumer society, distinguished him from other leaders and ministers. The stability of his home and the godly children who were part of his ministry at Osu remains a model of faithful apostolic ministry.

Baba Ademoroti was born to Prince David Adedeji Ademoroti, the Balogun Ijo of Methodist Church Nigeria, Ayetoro Ijesa. His mother – Taiwo Ayemobola Ademoroti was the daughter of High Chief Loro (Baba Ijesa) of Ilesa. Baba Ademoroti attended Methodist School, Ayetoro, Epe, and OKe Ese Ilesa from 1944 to 1951, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate. He went to Divisional Teacher Training College, Ilesa – from 1957 to 1958, and Government Teacher Training College, Ilesa, from 1961 to 1962, where he obtained Teacher Grade III and Teacher Grade II certificates, respectively. He was awarded Associate of College of Preceptors (A.C.P), London, through a correspondence course in 1979. In 1980, he proceeded to the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, where he obtained a Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed).

Very Rev Ademoroti taught in many secondary Modern schools, Secondary Grammar Schools and was Headmaster of many Primary schools in Ijesa and Ife lands, namely: Anglican Primary School, Ayeoba, Ife – 1955-1956, Council Secondary Modern School, Oke- Oye, Ilesa, 1963-1966, Methodist school, Oke- Ese, 1067-1978, Erin Ijesa Community Grammar School, Erin Ijesa – 1980-1981, African Church Grammar School, Ilesa, 1981-1985, Headmaster Local Authority School Kajola, Ilesa, 1986-1989. He rose to the post of Master Grade 1 on October 1, 1981.

He married Miss Esther Olayinka Aluko, late Deaconess Ademoroti, on April 5, 1969. Their marriage is blessed with God-fearing children and grandchildren. Baba Ademoroti loves writing, reading, counseling, watching movies, and traveling. He was the Chairman Conference of Primary School Headmasters Ijesa South – Atakumosa and Ilesa Local Government area combined from 1985 to 1988; Deputy chairman Oyo State Conference of Headmasters – July 1, 1988, to December 31, 1989.

Baba Ademoroti’s candidature into the Ministry of the church was approved during the annual Methodist Church Nigeria Conference in Ilesa in August 1983. He was admitted to Immanuel College of Theology and Child Education as a Tent Making Minister for three years (1983-1986). Upon graduating with a Diploma in Theology, he was ordained at the annual Methodist Church Nigeria Conference held in Kaduna in 1986. He was preferred as a presbyter on August 16, 2009.

Baba Ademoroti was a member Ilesa Diocesan Youth Council in the 60s and 80s; Member Archdiocesan Council, Ilesa 1984-1997; Chaplain, 21st Ijesa Company the Boy’s Brigade Nigeria Methodist Church, Oke Omi Osu 1984-1994; Member Boys Brigade Nigeria Ijesa Croup Council; Life member Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) January 1993 with certificate number – 45694; Founding member, Ijesa Hel[pers League of Ijesa land, Ilesa since 1968; Patron Omoyeni Society of Ijesa land, Ilesa 1971.

Baba Ademoroti served in many ministerial stations, namely: Methodist Church Nigeria, Ijebu-Jesa circuit – October 1983-1984; Methodist Church Niger, Oke-Ese – 1994- 1997; Methodist Church Nigeria, Ijofi Wesley, Guild Hospital, Ilesa September 1995-1997; Methodist Church Nigeria, Aladja (DSC), Warri, – October 1997-2001 where he started the building of a new church; Methodist Church Nigeria, Oke Ese – October 2001 – February 29, 2004.; Administrative/Education Secretary, Ilesa Diocese March 2004-December, 2005; Methodist Church Oke Ese, Ilesa – January 2006 to December 2006, where he retired having retired from teaching service on December 31, 1989.

The concluding testimony about Baba Ademoroti points to the fact that no one can claim to know and love God if we do not seek to please Him. Baba Ademoroti pleased God beyond the rigidities of Christian Pharisaism, which tries to reduce morality to a list of dos and don’ts. May his dutiful and caring soul rest in perfect peace.