The first 100 days of any presidency, especially the new administration of His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, suggests a time of intense, focused activity. Decisions made during this time frame in 2023 will significantly impact our nation. Therefore, please join us in some practical ways to pray and intercede during these crucial days:

     1. Protection. Pray for the Lord’s protection throughout this presidential term. The president, vice president, their families, and everyone in the administration need physical and spiritual protection. Lord, be the Defender of our nation!

     2. Presence. Pray for God’s manifest presence at the highest levels. Nothing is more important than the presence of the Lord Himself in the halls of government – from the State to the Federal level. Too many people in our nation confine their faith to a private, personal one or a house of worship. However, the presence of God in public changes lives and meets the most profound needs—of individuals and a culture. Welcoming the Lord’s presence into government can usher in a longing for His presence in society. Make Your presence known, Lord!

     3. Peace. Amid a badly divided nation, from top to bottom, we desperately need God’s peace. Pray for the Lord’s peace into our National Assemblies and the land’s Supreme Court. Despite any controversies during a campaign, let us pray that President Tinubu’s administration becomes known as one that unites and brings peace. Pray that God’s peace will touch the Church that has been badly divided over this election. We long for Your peace to come to our nation, Lord!

     4. Provision. Pray that we, as a nation, will humbly come before the Lord and confess that we need Him to pour out His excellent provision upon our nation. We need wisdom from above. We need His provision to meet healthcare needs in just ways. We need His provision of a robust economy that allows us to provide good jobs to those able to work. We need to be a nation that realizes everything comes from Your hands. Thank You for being our Provider, Oh Lord!

     5. Proficiency. We need President Tinubu’s administration to function well. People often view the government as inept, inefficient, and incompetent. Pray for the Lord to help our leaders govern proficiently. That includes understanding the proper role of government. Lord, You who created the world in six days, please empower our government to use its power for efficient and just government properly.

Regardless of the political party in office, these prayers beyond the inauguration are crucial for our nation’s and its people’s welfare.

God bless President Tinubu

God bless Nigeria. 

Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.