It was a very inspiring encounter today.
While on the train, one man left his seat to sit beside me and he started the conversation

I know you. Can l ask you a question? Without waiting for my response, he continue! What do you know about the law of karma and reincarnation? That is what we need today.
Deji- The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ invalidate the principle of cause and effect in relation to a person and the future of that person. The truth is that if you give your life to Jesus now, you become a new creation. The old things will passed away. The law of karma is broken.

He responded in a jovial way saying, you cannot stop me going to temple today, see you another time.

Please, remember this brother in your prayers.

Another very touching encounter was with an elderly woman in her late 70s. She left her seat to sit beside me in the bus and the conversation started:

I read what is on your jacket. Do you pray to Mary or Jesus?
Deji- l pray in the name of Jesus.
The woman: Why not Mary?
Deji- Yes, Mary’s faith, her obedience and submission to God’s will is unequal. Mary gave birth to Jesus but Jesus opened a new way of access to God. In Jesus’ name every knee shall bow. Jesus is our Mediator.
The woman: Can you pray for my son who is over 40 and under drug addiction? Are you sure he can still change?
Deji- Mum, with God all things are possible. Let us pray.

We prayed together in the bus and the old woman was so excited. Please pray for this woman and especially her son. We serve a God Who can raise the dead.