Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful – 1 Cor 4:2

Pastor Faith-Aminu Adebayo, the news of your transition came to me late last night with a shock. We met last time I was in Nigeria at Chapel of Christ the Light (Interdenominational), Alausa, Lagos. We embraced and prayed together after a long time of fellowship. Pastor Faith was one of the volunteer and dedicated missionaries that God sent to me when I resumed my ministry work at the Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa, Ikeja, twenty two years ago. With Pastor Malaolu, the Leader of the Christian Fellowship, Lagos State House of Assembly, Pastor Faith laboured with his God’s given grace to established and grow the fellowship. God used him with the support of the brethren at the House of Assembly to build a place of fellowship within the complex.

Pastor Faith who lived by faith in divine provisions for himself, family and his missionary works moved to Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) and left a landmark of a strong Christian fellowship. More than anything, with his gentle look and smile, Pastor Faith leaves behind a record of faithful, dedicated gospel labours until his dying breath. That is truly heaven’s highest honour. “Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.” Such a man was my dear brother, Pastor Faith. I look forward to seeing him again in the presence of the Lord. Pastor Faith leaves a solid missionary legacy in the Lagos State Civil Service Christians Fellowship.

Pastor Faith’s heart burned with compassion for people’s souls. He was a powerful missionary and evangelist throughout the world especially to French nations and on the continent of Africa where his heart burned with compassion for people’s souls. Through the missionary and preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, millions of lives will be in Heaven and we give praise and glory to God that His Word never returns void. Pastor Faith’s attitude was God-ward and Christ-honouring. When people were frustrated or in a hurry, his Christian demeanour in all things caused peoples’ hearts to more deeply trust in the watch care of our lovely Saviour.

Pastor Faith had few peers in grassroots missionary work. He was another giant of what I’ve come to call ‘a faithful missionary saints’ where a generation of pastors, missionaries and evangelists took personal responsibility for taking the Gospel to -literally- every corner of the globe. They wouldn’t rest until they had ‘reached the world in their generation’ and they succeeded in reaching more people in more places. Indeed, no one pursued that passion with greater resolve, and almost no one inspired more to follow in his footsteps. Pastor Faith leaves a legacy of countless numbers of Christians who breathe every breathe to reach every soul for the Glory of God in their generation.

Pastor Faith, an evangelist and missionary in the truest since of the word, proclaimed the gospel with passion, lived his life with integrity and changed the world with truth and love. He preached Jesus and many responded. Well done my brother and friend. Well done!”

Few people today have made the lifetime commitment to the message of the Gospel that Pastor Faith made. He was a role model among the Alausa Civil Service Christian Fellowship for his unwavering belief in the supernatural and miraculous power that we have through the Holy Spirit. With every fibre of his being, Pastor Faith knew God loved each and every one of his children and he desperately wanted everyone to understand the depths of that love. I pray that every Christian lives with the same authenticity and passion that Pastor Faith did every day on this earth. Our prayers are with Pastor Faith’s family today. May a life well-lived and a certain destiny give them peace and comfort.