The 92nd birthday celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is very inspiring especially with her 6th great grandchild born on St George’s Day, 23rd April, 2018, and at a time the dragon is making a mockery of humanity and Christian faith. The dragon in this context points to the forces that terrorises the people, makes life unbearable, and Christianity powerless. The Royal Family out in a week long Queen’s 92nd birthday celebration organised ‘a Royal Albert Hall concert designed to honour all she has done for her country … cemented her Commonwealth legacy for a new generation.’  Indeed, the Queen’s 92nd birthday beyond another birthday is ‘the culmination of a lively week which brought all corners of the Commonwealth to London,’ seeking for hope and unity in a hopeless and fractured world. In his tribute to his mother, the Prince of Wales, the next Head of Commonwealth said, “While all birthdays are special, this year, the Queen’s birthday falls at the end of the week-long Commonwealth Summit in London, which has brought together 53 countries.” Reigning and living by her pledge made when she turned 21 to take on the dragon that makes mockery of humanity, by dedicating her life to serve the Commonwealth, the Queen’s pledge ‘has become one of the best-known and most moving public declarations of her long reign,’ shaped by good fight of faith on behalf of the people.

On Monday 23rd April, 2018, St Georges Day, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third child, a son and the 6th great grandchild of the Queen at St Mary’s Hospital, London. St George, the patron saint of England adopted by Richard the Lion-heart in the time of the crusades is beyond any association with the far-right groups. St George is a perfect saint that represents the British Christian values and someone who stood up against the misuse of power and position. St George was born in the third century AD in Cappadocia – modern day Turkey – to Christian parents, his father a Roman soldier and his mother from Lydda – now Lod near Tel Aviv in Israel. After his father’s death the family moved to Lydda where he grew up and became a soldier too. The Emperor, Diocletian, launched a severe persecution of Christianity, George refused to pay tribute to Roman gods, was tortured and beheaded on 23rd April, 303. St George as man of mixed race, a member of a minority uncompromising Christian faith beyond all the different dragon stories stood up against the dragon of oppression and violence in his community. The reflection is that, St George, in the face of death confronted and killed the dragon that was terrorising the town of Selena and that was after the king’s daughter chosen to appease the dragon’s appetite for people.

St George stood against Emperor Dioletian, known as the Dragon who in 303 ordered that every Christian in the army should be arrested. The Queen’s 92nd birthday with the birth and celebration of her 6th great grand child on St George’s Day invites us to stand against every vision of dragon and the spirit of antichrist (Rev 12:15). The birth of Queen’s 6th great grandchild as a blessing is very spiritual, symbolic and a warning against every attempt and vision of dragon or plans against the family, the church, and the Christian foundation of this nation.

On this St George’s Day, a new child is born in the Royal lineage, 5th line to the throne, another champion of Christian faith has emerged and this reflects a symbolic plan of God over this nation for a renewal of our Christian foundation and heritage. The truth is that God’s trumpet of revival is blowing over the nation through the Royal family values and their promotion of British Christian values. The Queen as the Head of the 53 Commonwealth of nation points to the glory of England, ‘its history of mixed races and cultures and our continue commitment to oneness and compassion.’ This also resonates with legacy of St George, a man of mixed race with connection all over the world with diverse groups of people. The Queen’s 92 birthday celebration and the birth of her 6th great grandchild on St George’s Day summons us to oppose and confront the dragon of fear, division, and hatred that seek to destroy us.

The birth of the Queen’s 6th great grandchild on the 23rd of April, 2018 summons us to a special preparation to defeat evil even if it does not earn us a Bank Holiday. St George’s Day invites us to see God at work over the affairs of this nation and this ‘has impressed people ever since and the cross of St George has become his sign as well as our English national flag.’ St George as a disciple rather than an hero saw ‘the Cross of Jesus Christ as the facing down of violence and the invitation to life through life in the Body of Christ.’ St George’s Day invites us to slay the biggest dragon of our inner one; the temptation to compromise the integrity of Christian faith.’ St George’s Day calls us to: Take up the whole armour of God. Fasten the belt of truth about your waist. Put on the breastplate of righteousness. As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace. Take the shield of faith. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Eph 6:13-17).