PRAYER is more of a communion with God than needs-oriented. ARISE AND PRAY as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

l survive the sword of 2017.
Gift with earthy values will not have control over gift with eternal values in my life in Jesus mighty name
l receive grace in the wilderness of the New Year – 2018.
God’s everlasting love for me will not be terminated.
O Lord, rebuilt this nation with the consciousness of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
O Lord, rebuilt me again in the New Year – 2018.
l reject every adornment of Saul’s garment in Jesus mighty name
l will go forth in the New Year with dancing and rejoicing in Jesus mighty name
In the new year l will plant new vine and eat thereof
O Lord, empower and increase the Chaplaincy to ARISE as watchmen and women OVER this nation in Jesus mighty name.
We cancel every terrorist agenda over this nation.
We break every stronghold rewriting Christian festivals as a merchandise and just merry making.

The enemy shall not overcome me, nor the son of iniquity break me down now or in the New Year 2018 in Jesus name.

God will make goodness fall on me like rain before the end of this year and in the New Year 2018 in Jesus mighty name.