“Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.” ~ Isaiah 60:18 

Pastoralists-farmers’ conflict among other threats to our national survival is one of the major effect of the phenomenal increase of Nigerian population to almost 200 million without a complementary transformation and mastery of governance. This is putting enormous pressure on our land and water resources used by farmers and pastoralists. The ensuing conflicts and violence with the use sophisticated weapons by the Fulani herdsmen has developed to rural banditry and criminality. Nigeria is therefore bleeding, many hearts are sore and aching while others helpless still continue to cry out to God for mercy, our confidence is in God.

God still answers prayer and we, Nigerians can find comfort in His promise not only in the latter days but now, that ‘neither the threats and triumphs of those that do violence, nor the outcries and complaints of those that suffer it, shall be heard again, but every man shall peaceably enjoy his own.’ The end of Nigeria’s history is to be, ‘not a garden but a city, a visible community, bound together because God dwells in it, and yet not having lost the blessed characteristics of the Garden from which man set out on his long and devious march.’ In the face of devious and violence attack and especially with everything that is happening in Nigeria including the recent attack at Benue by the Fulani herdsmen that led to a mass burial of innocent people, we need not just a day of prayer but days and days of non-stop prayers. The truth is that we, especially the church in Nigeria cannot be profaning holy privileges with greed and  a worldly estimate of the ‘herdspoliticans’ and expect God to move. We need God’s mercy like Gehazi. Greed all in prophet’s name is the foundation of our corruption in Nigeria.

Nigerians let us open our eyes beyond religious and political affiliations, our common enemy are ‘herdspoliticians’ without clue to national transformations at the local, state and national level. They have killed and still sending millions to untimely grave because they have grazed our common wealth to a desert level, dry with famine in the land, no good hospital, no light, no good road, and education facilities. Every family in Nigeria is a victim of our ‘herdspoliticians’ in government. We only buried our deceased differently, accepting the avoidable tragedies as ‘amuwa Oloun’ (What God brought). What is the government doing about the increase southward movement of pastoralists or are they in support of turning the main southern agricultural vocation and expansion into a grazing land?  The Benue attack is a wake up call to all Nigerians to ask questions, why don’t we have enough police in all states whereas all the ‘herdspoliticians’ and their families are guarded by the state police day and night? ‘Herdspoliticians’ continue to graze the prosperity, the spirituality, and destiny of millions of Nigerians just as Fulani herdsmen are doing today without any check. ‘Herdspoliticians’ are killers of nations, spirituality, and destiny.

I believe the pure gospel of the Jesus Christ has never originated one war; never produced one scene of bloodshed; never once prompted to violence and strife. Peter tried it and Jesus called him to caution. There has been no war in any age or in any land which the principles of the genuine gospel, if acted on by both the contending nations, would not have prevented; there have been no scenes of bloodshed which would not have been avoided if that had been suffered to control the hearts of people. I agree that the cases of Fulani herdsdmens and others attacks are very different, but ‘no one who believes the Bible to be a revelation from God, can doubt that the time will come when the mad passions of kings and nations shall be subdued, and when wars shall cease to be known except in the melancholy and disgraceful records of past events’ including the herdsmen and corrupt ‘herdspoliticians.’ The soul of Nigeria is in the hands of ‘herdspolitician’ placing the lives of Nigerians below bullet proof cars, cows, and different mansions all over the world. The need of the hour is not about battle-shout, the cry of violence and the clangor of arms. When Nigeria is rescued from the ‘herdspolitician,’ herdsmen will go back to their base. The masquerade behind the herdsmen are the ‘herdspoliticians,’ city based without any agenda for rural development.

To rescue the soul of Nigeria from the ‘herdspoliticians,’ Fulani herdsmen and other regional forces, we need the salvation walls from the invariable love of God; not any others gates but the praise that will be in the hearts and mouths of the saints in Nigeria. God is saying to Nigerians, we should not allow the enemy to instil fear in us or that we get to the point of being consumed with vengeance. God is calling us to stand together in repentance and unity and pray on behalf of our nation, to ask God for mercy, to heal our land, strengthen us and give those in authority wisdom, guidance and divine strategies over ‘herdspoliticians’ and their men. We cannot be romancing with ‘herdspoliticians’ and be able to tell them the truth.