The present church is far away where God’s power can manifest – Very Rev Dr Mike Oye

Christianity is not a movement or religion based on abstract principles. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is so central to Christians. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, He has power even today. He is Risen and Powerful. Jesus is the Saviour we can know and experience; hence, Christianity is a relationship with a Living Saviour. Jesus, as our Saviour, transforms His followers into His likeness, infuses our lives and empowers us. According to Very Rev Dr Mike Oye, ‘you cannot struggle to be holy. It is Christ in us that makes us holy.’

In our bid to spread scriptural holiness across Europe, the Nigeria Methodist Mission, UK and Ireland, in our 2024 Easter outreach, was blessed to have our father, Very Rev Dr. Oye lead the Power of His Resurrection, Europe Mission from arrival in Aberdeen, Scotland on March 31st– April 1st when he departed to England with his wife, Mrs. Mildred Oye, it was a time of recollection of past years together in the Scripture Union ministry, prayers and refreshing rest enabled by their host and hostess, Engr. and Mrs. Niyi Daramola. That paved the way through the grace of God, for the busy schedule that was to follow in England. Thanks be to God.

From April 2nd – 9th April 2024, ministration was on live stream, telecast, and person to person. Throughout the conference tour, Dr Oye, foremost as a seasoned minister of the Gospel of Christ and a skilful natural scientist, expounded on the purpose for which Christ rose from the dead and the power made available to us through His resurrection. According to Dr Oye, people need to know both the purpose and the power to enjoy our relationship with God maximally and with the accompanying benefits in this world and the world to come.

On his arrival at Luton airport on Tuesday, April 2nd, Dr Oye and his wife moved to Woking to see Bishop Cyril Okorocha, a retired bishop of Owerri, Church of Nigeria, and his family. He was one of his co-labourers in the Scripture Union of Nigeria in the 1970s. It was indeed a happy reunion for the Oyes and Okorochas. 

On Wednesday, April 3rd, Dr Oye moved from Woking to London and straight to the Faith Television Network, hosted and anchored by one of Dr Oye’s spiritual daughters, Apostle Funmi. The Livestream @Faith TV witnessed thousands of viewers globally with an inspiring question-and-answer session.

Thursday, April 4th, was a more restful and reflective day, coupled with numerous telephone calls for prayers and counselling.

On Friday, April 5th, Dr Oye and his entourage travelled to Hatfield to visit Elder and Mrs Peter Ozodo, formerly of CAPRO Ministry International. This visit happened to be the eve of Elder Peter’s birthday, and his daughter was on hand to ensure that Dr Oye and his entourage were well cared for.

On Saturday, April 6th, Faith TV hosted another full day of live streaming and recording with Dr Oye on different Christian topics, including Tithes and offerings, God, and medicinal herbs. The Nigeria Methodist Mission Pastoral Secretary, Bro Akintade Olutade was also in attendance.

On Sunday, April 7th, Dr Oye ministered at Askew Road Church, with some of the Nigeria Methodist Mission members in attendance. We are particularly grateful to God for the presence of Eng. Adejimi and Prof Mrs Adeyinka Ashaye, who were visiting from Nigeria and came for the conference in company of the Very Rev Adefolaju and Mrs Margaret Ashaye.

In the evening, Dr Oye was on livestream with the Calvary Ministry, CAPRO, International with a teaching on our urgent task and mission to the world in time like this.

On Monday, April 8th, 2024, Dr Oye and his entourage travelled to Bradford. They were hosted by the Very Rev and Mrs Adefolaju Ashaye. In the evening, there was a live stream teaching session with some of Dr Oye’s spiritual children in attendance physically, namely Pastor Dr. Oghale and Pastor Mrs Becky Oghale-Olugua from Sheffield. They are ministers of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Sheffield.

On Tuesday, April 9th, Dr Oye and his entourage travelled to Aberdeen to catch the flight back to the United States of America the next day, Wednesday, April 10th, 2024.

To God be the glory for the abiding impact of the conference—special thanks to God Almighty, all the Mission volunteers, and hosts. Pray the Lord will water the seeds for a fruitful European harvest and revival in Jesus’ name.

Worthy is the Lamb!

The Rt Rev Dr. Deji Okegbile – Bishop, Nigeria Methodist Mission, UK, and Ireland.