Prodigal_ Son_9JESUS’ INVITATION TO SALVATION.  Jesus told a parable on an invitation to a Great Banquet in Luke 14. Biblically, a parable means ‘a riddle, a story with question to answer, a hidden truth which we can only discern if we have made certain decisions in our beliefs and our thought which make us open to the secret.’ The parable of the Great Banquet is a hidden truth that calls us to prepare for the final Great Banquet with Jesus, the Lamb of God. Jesus is the host and he continues to invites people to this Great Banquet of all banquets. Those who respond to Jesus’ invitation are assured of a glorious place to sit in his presence (v.10). Beyond the Pharisee’s limited invitation to a selected people and friends, Jesus’ invitation to all, the blind, the lame, the cripple (physical and spiritual), provides salvation for mankind. God is saying to someone, accept Jesus’ invitation today for your place in eternity. Remember, Jesus’ invitation to salvation, pictured by the glory of a banquet is precious and open to all.

GOD WANT YOU BACK: In the book of Jeremiah, chapter 2, we saw how Israel’s earlier commitment at Mount Sinai stood in sharp contrast with her present idolatry. They turned back and defiled the land and made God’s standard an abomination. The priests and preachers who ought to have spiritual responsibility and burden for the backslidden people became part of the spiritual decay process, thereby seeking fulfilment in the flesh and pride of life (v.8). Indeed, nations are changing their gods, ‘which are not gods,’ and people are changing their glory ‘for that what does not profit.’ Backsliding is about ‘forsaken … the fountain of living waters’ for self ‘cisterns,’ that can hold no water and hearts, where and when our abhorrence of sin is gone (Hos 7:9, Rev 3:17-18). Satan’s purpose is to steal, destroy, discredit and disprove both the work and the Word of God (jn 10:10, Lk 22:31). Jesus’ invitation to salvation extends to backsliders, spiritually blind, lame and cripple. God is saying to someone, l want you back (Joel 2:12-13). Remember, life is filled with choices, make a decision today to draw you nearer to God.

Prayer: Prophetic ministry can be an unhappy and exile vocation, but God is saying to someone, remember, Jeremiah did not surrender to the Babylonians. Let us pray for ministers and preachers in prophetic ministry.