The narrative of Donald Trump presidency in American politics, the ongoing Arewa/Biafra declarations in Nigeria, and the background to our hung Parliament result of the General election in Britain speaks to the depth and influential nature of our global divisions, hate, and fears. The world is under a siege of known and unknown fears hence, the need to bind up the broken-hearted, and to bring justice to the oppressed. The Good News on this Trinity Sunday provides us the opportunity to reflect, retell and relive faithfully the story of God creating and redeeming the world. Living the Trinity articulate the redeeming truth of God’s existence and most especially the depth of His revelation in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. The church, the living expression and continuation of God’s redeeming communication is sent to proclaim the Trinitarian mission and make us people of love, missional ambassadors in a broken world.

The mission of God begins in the perichoresis of the Trinity, ‘the idea that the Father’s life was with the Son and the Spirit and that the Father’s life was for the Son and the Spirit; and the same is true of the Son and the Spirit. When all is said and done, the Trinity becomes an endless dance of love for the “others.” The proclamation of the church as the living and universal movement of God’s love is based on incarnation and revelation of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. The church lives to evangelise and carries out the work of redemption from hell, poverty and oppression (Matt 28:19, Acts 2:33). Trinity Sunday points us to community living in love as against our divisive democratic and capitalist culture. God has not given us the spirit of division and fear. Jesus’ word to his disciples resonates with us on this Trinity Sunday, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” I believe God is calling and sending us to go out in order to live, retell, and resuscitate our Trinitarian mission and spiritual identity.

In such a time when the relationship among nations, neighbouring countries, religions, churches, members of the churches and even the members of the same family are in decline and division, God is calling us out of our self-preserving culture to self-sacrificing outward life of Trinitarian-likeness. Living the Trinity calls us to mutual engagement in the communication-salvation testimony process as the people of God. Living the Trinity calls us to a dance of love, a drama with one another and with God through Jesus Christ. Living the Trinity summons us to share God’s qualities, fellowship, love, cooperation, participation and power sharing that is beyond our present capitalist domination and democratic control. Living the Trinity is a call to discipleship, to live for Jesus – the church’s gospel, the power unto salvation. Living the Trinity calls us to personal, church and leadership renewal; a call to re-orientate our inner lives becoming warm and more healthy through the power of the Holy Spirit. Living the Trinity is the epitome of mutual integration, authenticity, honesty, and completeness against a fractured, and disintegrated world we live in.

#Pray4postelection: Let us pray for all those involved in the political life of our country, particularly at this difficult time following the general election in Britain. We ask for a deep sense of God’s presence with us, for the love of Jesus to fill us, for the Holy Spirit to transform us.