The transition of Sir Dr Olatunde Ayedun Agbato on Thursday, January 7, 2021, is not only an heavenly gain but with an earthly legacy of core values of a Christian business practices, especially an integrated agro services even in a corrupt world. Sir Agbato lives on and his core values in business practice especially with his wife, Dame Oluwafunmilayo Ayodeji Agbato since 1979 when they started O.A & O.A Associates that was later incorporated as ANIMAL CARE SERVICES KONSULT (NIG) LTD in 1981 suggests fundamental ideologies core. The exit of Sir Agbato, aptly described as ‘an icon, captain of African livestock industry and modest multi billionaire, who created a sustainable agric-business’ left a legacy, ‘Agbatoism,’ a model of core values for business practices.

Agbatoism points to the Animal Care core practising values that formed and nurtured ‘a dream and a drive which has grown into becoming giants in the livestock sector in Nigeria and across the globe with interests in commercial egg production, commercial feed-milling, vitamins and Minerals production, Production and Procurement of Veterinary Medicaments and vaccines.’ Sir Agbato, ‘a man who focused on creating an impactful and Great indigenous agric-business with competitiveness that surpassed any multinational agric-business in the country’ created ‘a sustainable major share of the West African animal health and nutritional inputs industry.’

Agbatoism as a legacy of Sir Agbato not only illuminates integrated agro service and business purpose even in a dark world, it also demonstrates ‘how to translate ideas and knowledge into significant and prosperous products and services.’ Agbatoism represents core values of business practice, system and philosophy. Agbatoism unlike other political ideologies or artistic movements are forms of action or practice, state or condition, principles, distinctive doctrines, a usage or characteristic, devotion or adherence of Sir Agbato. Animal Care as a model to others both at the local and international levels is well positioned to succeed thanks to the core values and foundation jointly established by Sir Olatunde and Dame Oluwafunmilayo Agbato.

Agbatoism as a legacy points to a good quality for a better business practice. What will continue to define Sir Agbato’s distinctive reputation reminds us of his passion to provide superior integrated agro-business services with high standard. In the footstep of John Wesley, Sir Agbato’s business goal as a practising Methodist Christian was “To be the best we can.” Sir Agbato as a business Team leader encouraged new innovations and ideas. Staffs were given the freedom to be creative and openly express their thoughts.

Agbatoism is about personal and corporate integrity as a panacea for good business practice. Sir Olatunde Agbato valued and demonstrated unequal honesty, ethics and fairness in everything he said and did. For Sir Agbato, ‘The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity’ and the ‘real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.’

Agbatoism is about the distinctive doctrine of dignity, making ‘a difference in lives by comforting, listening and treating everyone with sincerity and admiration.’ Sir Agbato lives on, even in death, still making difference in many lives, nations, and communities. Agbatoism is about continuous passion and strive to create employment opportunities and businesses in the truest sense ‘where the spirit of friendship, support and genuine respect among … staff runs deep.’ Animal Care has become a community of friends with respect for one another just as Ogere Remo town community, and other religious communities associated with Sir Agbato will never forget his support and stewardship. Agbatoism is about faithful responsibility to God, to our nation, colleagues, staffs and communities, and diligently using ‘the resources with which we have been entrusted.’

Sir Olatunde Ayedun Agbato lives us on as Agbatoism excels in delivering superior services in a warm, friendly, and compassionate manner, keeping and creating qualities that exceeds the investment. Sir Olatunde Ayedun Agbato lives on with a legacy deeply rooted in Christian values that form the fabric of Agbatoism till date. Behind the legacy of Agbatoism, Sir Agbato left behind his beloved wife, a model of Proverb 31 woman, Dame Agbato, an unequal purveyors of wisdom, prayer warrior, who reinforced and strengthened her husband. Mum, thank you, you did not take Dad’s gentle smile and jokes for granted. You did not take Dad’s passionate cuddles in the public and in the privacy of your room for granted. No wonder, Dad, during his 70th birthday poured excellent encomium on you publicly as his God’s sent angel, mother, best friend, wife, confidant, and mother of his God fearing children. Mum, arise and let us celebrate dad, he lives on.