Theme: Streams in your desert. Texts: Isaiah 35:1-3; 40:1-6.

God is just as complete in His mercy as He is severe in His judgement. God’s complete moral perfection is revealed by His hatred of all sin, and this leads to judgement. The same moral perfection is revealed in His love for all He has created. God’s command to Isaiah to speak tenderly and to comfort Jerusalem resonates with our need today.

O Lord, let the seeds of Your comfort and mercy will take root in the soil of our pandemic, desert, and adversity in Jesus name. O Lord, visit my desert in Jesus name.

Let us declare, Comfort of God, speak comfortably to my family, community, nation, and church. I declare our national pandemic warfare has ended in Jesus name. Our iniquity is pardoned.

O Lord male straight in the desert of my life, family, community, nation, and church a highway for You. The “desert” represents the wasteland, pandemic, sickness, and the barren places; and so it speaks of need in the human heart, or even obstacles and impediments to life.

Every valley of dry bones of our pandemic, nations and churches shall be exalted in Jesus name. Every mountain and hill (Goliath) of our homes, communities, nations and churches be made low in Jesus name. The pandemic crooked report be made straight in Jesus name

O Lord, let all sinful things, problems in our lives, nations and churches be straightened out in Jesus name. O Lord, let there be harvest of “straight highway” the spiritual believer in our churches and nations ‘who through repentance and amendment of life leaves nothing in his spiritual condition that would hinder the appearance of the LORD, the apprehension of the coming of the LORD, or participation in the Messianic Age of the LORD.’

O Lord, visit the desert of my marriage and homes. O Lord, visit the desert of our political and spiritual leadership. O Lord, visit the desert of our children and youth in Jesus name. O Lord, visit us with the wave of Your mercy in Jesus name.

There is no comfort in mortal flesh that changes and dies like grass. Its beauty like that of flowers cannot last. O Lord, deliver us, our community, nations and churches from grass leadership and spirituality – the fading and transitory nature of human lives. .We renew our hope in the eternal Word of God that cannot fail.

O Lord, let my wilderness and my solitary place and situation be glad. O Lord, let my desert rejoice, and blossom as the rose. In Jesus name, I declare, my desert ‘shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God.’