The marriage of Very Rev Adefolaju Bandele Ashaye and Mummy Margaret Omobolaji Ashaye [nee Omodele] is a Christian model of the tenderest, most beautiful and sacred relationship. “They shall be one flesh,” said God in Genesis 2:24 as His principle and foundation, for the home is the bedrock upon which the Ashayes’ 42 years of a sacred relationship is built and nurtured. Their relationship as a Christian couple indicates that one is to be the complement and counterpart of the other and that one is incomplete without the other.

By means of Ashayes’ 42 years of a sacred relationship, God’s intention that well-ordered family would transmit truth and holiness from one generation to another is a public testimony. Using the words of Theodore Epp, Ashayes’ 42 years of a sacred relationship points to ‘God’s decree concerning marriage – that a man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife – was given long before others laws of God.’ Theodore explained that, ‘the decree concerning marriage lies at the base of all human legislation and civil government. This is why it can be said that the peace and well-being of the nation depends on the purity of the home.’

Born on March 30th, 1947, Rev Ashaye, a presbyter in Methodist Church Nigeria since 1986 attended Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta (1961-1965). Did his General Certificate of Education (GCE) in June 1969 at Federal School of Science, Onikan, Lagos. He attended the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife and graduated with Bachelor of Science, Biology in 1974. He did his Post Graduate Diploma in Education at University of Ibadan and graduated in July, 1982. He did a sandwich course at Immanuel College of Theology, Ibadan, 1982 -87. When he moved to United Kingdom with his wife, he did his Masters of Art, Theology and Ministry, University of Bristol, and graduated in September 2007 at Wesley College, Bristol.

In his university’s days in Nigeria, Rev Ashaye served as the President, Student Christian Movement in 1971; Sub-Group Leader, Evangelical Christian Union/Prison Visitation and Village Evangelism in 1973. He did his compulsory National Service in 1974/75 at County Grammar School, Ikwerre/Etche, Rivers State and hwas the science teacher, Scripture Union Coordinator, School Chaplain, House Master and Assitant Games Master. He started his teaching career as Biology/Chemistry Teacher; House Master; Coordinator S.U Group; Okemesi Grammar School, Okemesi-Ekiti between 1975-80. He served as Principal, Community High School, Igburowo, near Ore, Ondo State from 1980-1985.

Rev Ashaye and his wife Mum Margaret were joined in Holy Matrimony on Saturday March 25 1978, at the Chapel of Resurrection University of Ibadan by the Rev Dr. S. T. Ola Akande of the Baptist Church, Orita-Mefa, Ibadan. The Rev. Mike Oye preached the sermon. The marriage is blessed with three children; Adeolu, Adefunke and Gboluwaga; their spouses, Folasade, Oluseun and Oyenike; together with lovely grandchildren. At 70 years plus, both Adefolaju and Margaret are prayerfully keen and set to encourage the church in any way the LORD leads. The focus is in relaunching Ministry post-70 years, with Interdenominational Focus: Encouraging; Writing and Publication on the Christian life; emphasising Biblical Counselling, Marriage and Family Relationships.

Rev Ashaye was a Vice Principal, Isanbi Comprehensive High School, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State,1985 – 87; Principal, Ilisan High School, Ilisan-Remo. Ogun State, 1987-88; Principal, Saapade Grammar School, Saapade-Remo, Ogun State. 1988-1992; Principal, Ajagbe High School, Iperu-Remo, Ogun State 1992-96. He voluntary retired in May 1996.

Rev Ashaye is a well experienced and passionate Christian minister with ecumenical exposure. He ministered across denominations and tertiary institutions in Nigeria between 1975-2000. He was the assistant Pastor, and Sunday School Superintendent: First Baptist Church, Okemesi-Ekiti, Nigeria between 1976-80.

He was the deputy Chairman, The Advertisers of Jesus Christ between 1976-86.[A ministry committed to publishing the Gospel on the print and electronic media, through paid advertisements.] He was a deacon in Methodist Church Nigeria between 1982-86 and served in Ondo with Oke Agunla Methodist Church in Idanre Circuit; Sabo Methodist Church, Ile Ife, in Ife Special Area; Ijoku Methodist Church, in Ijoku Circuit, Sagamu 1985-86. He served as a Priest, Methodist Church Nigeria, Ijoku circuit, Sagamu between 1986-2000. He was the co-ordinating Minister; Evangelism &Outreach, Diocese of Remo, Methodist Church Nigeria. 1992-2000. He later served as a Presbyter, British Conference of the Methodist Church between 2002-2009

Mummy Margaret born in March 6th, 1949 attended Christ School, Ado Ekiti, 1967. Mummy is a model of Proverb 31 woman who fears the Lord. For mummy, far more precious than jewels, her priorities are right: ‘Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.’ Mummy is clothed with strength and dignity.

Gets up before daylight. Preparing food for her family. A hard worker, she knows the value. Of everything she makes. Very focused in everything she does. She knows very well. That her family will be blessed. With the fruits of her labour
A passionate lover of God. Adored by her husband. Whose beauty comes from within. And her unfading beauty of a gentle and quite spirit. She makes it a point. To remind everybody. That life is beautiful. And to enjoy each day to the fullest. Daddy Ashaye’s glowing tribute to mummy is very stimulating. Daddy said, “Indeed, it is because of the marvellous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we have been kept going. I thank you Margaret Omobolaji for allowing God to make you a blessing and an encouragement to me, our children and grandchildren, with the entirety of our larger families in Ikere Ekiti and Sagamu; and our bigger family circle in the household of faith in Christ. Thanks be to God for his love and great faithfulness. Thanks be to God for you. Thank you for enduring. Thank you for continual forgiveness. Thank you for selflessness. Thank you for strong support through bright and cloudy days. Happy Anniversary to you, Darling and a hearty Congratulations. 42 Hearty Cheers.” 

Mummy became a Registered Nurse in February 1974 after her graduation from School of Nursing, University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, and certified Midwife in 1975 from the same university. She became a Registered Nurse in March 1975 under the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.

Mummy Ashaye served as staff Nurse at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital , Benin, in 1974; staff Nurse at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, 1974- 78; Staff Nurse/Midwife , Nursing Sister, and Health Sister at Ife University Teaching Hospital College, Ile-Ife, 1978 -1986. Before she retired voluntarily at Ogun State University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu on October 26th, 1993, mummy served as a Senior Health Sister (April 1986- December 1988); Principal Community Health Officer, (January 1989- December 1992); and Assistant Chief Community Health Officer (January 1993- October 1993).

She later proceeded to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1993 before her relocation to the United Kingdom in April 1999, and has remained the UK with her family ever since 2000. Mummy’s nursing career spans 45 years; serving whole-heartedly in different departments of nursing care.

Mummy was a Sunday School Teacher, Orita-Mefa Baptist Church, Ibadan; President, Fellowship of Christian Nurses, University College Hospital, Ibadan; Joint Coordinator, Scripture Union Fellowship, Okemesi-Ekiti. 1978-80; Children Evangelist; Children Evangelism Ministry, International. Since 1986; Sunday School Teacher, Methodist Church Nigeria, Ijoku, Sagamu, Nigeria; Biblical Counsellor, Marriage and Family Relationships, with her husband since 1980 to date. On dad’s 73rd birthday, March 30th, 2020, mummy writes about dad, “Today is your 73rd birthday, my darling husband, friend, prayer partner, confidant, role model, lover of God to the core, a great dad and granddad, a true minister of the word, a very peaceful creation of God, father of many couples, and children of God, I can go on and on today. I thank you immensely for the peaceful way you have handled me like an egg over the years together with our children and our grandchildren. Thank you for caring for the extended family both Sagamu and Ikere Ekiti and the household of faith. I will for ever love you. I give thanks to God for your patience and standing by me in health, sickness, poverty and wealth. You stood by your promises on our wedding day. Enjoy your day and 73 hearty cheers my darling.’

Mummy Margaret and Daddy Adefolaju were separately and collectively taught and/or mentored by the following: Late Rev. S.G. Elton between 1973 and 1984[British Missionary to Nigeria 1930s to 1987]. Taught, encouraged, loaned films; given scriptural materials, tapes and books. Led through talks and seminars. Visited very often in Ilesha for counsel and guidance; Evangelist Rev T. L. Osborn: Soul Winners Institute, December 1974, Benin City; Very Rev. Dr. Mike Oye, between 1971 and 1999. [First Nigerian Secretary of the Scripture Union, Nigeria]. He closely followed up; counselled and encouraged continually over decades; Late Miss Mary Frank Kirkpatrick [Baptist Missionary to Nigeria]: Adefolaju was closely mentored by her between 1970 and 1976; For Adefolaju, she laid a solid foundation in Christian faith; Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, between 1972 and 1979. Encouragement in the faith and ministry during University days and during ministry with AJC; Late Rev. B. Adefidipe, during the late 1970s, [An Apostolic Elder in Ilesha, Nigeria.]; through seminars; Late Rev Dr. Selwyn Hughes of Crusade for World Revival Ministry; 1995-1999; Through devotionals, publications and seminars; Interacted with the Rev. Dr. Morris Cerullo and World Evangelism Ministry: 1973 -2003. Encouragement through scriptural materials, books, tapes, CDs, and seminars.   

Ashayes’ 42 years of a Sacred Relationship as a symbolic of Christ and the Church shows us the extent to which every husband should love his wife (and how every wife should honour her husband) “even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it.” Ashayes’ 42 years of a Sacred Relationship in line with Ephesians 5 ‘indicates that a person should be as close to his marriage partner as he is to the members of his own body.’ The reflection is that the principle of the home must be based on godly relationships in which the people involved desire to let the love of God flow through them in the family relationship. Ashayes’ 42 years of a Sacred Relationship points us to a home that is established on God-fearing principles because the husband the wife are in right relationship to Jesus Christ.

Happy anniversary Dad and Mum. More grace.