‘Deji, your name is all over places. I have been telling people about you, about the minister in Askew Road, your kindness, your care for me when l had a fall on the road. You are a good minister. ‘

After our service today at Askew Road Church, one of the church leaders came to call me that an elderly woman is waiting to see me. Behold, she was the woman l assisted couple of weeks ago who had a fall while walking back home from an outing. She was so overjoyed telling my members how l assisted her after a fall on the road and took her to her house. She said, “I was in the morning Mass this morning as a Catholic but l decided to come over to you and pray in your church. You have a very lovely church. Thank you for your caring ministry. Please you must come to see me. We need to have tea together which you refused when l offered you one on the day you helped me. God bless you, your ministry and family.”

I later discovered that she is an Irish woman. She was so happy to also know that my family are Irish. To God be the glory. Please remember her in your prayers.