‘Evil is walking openly in our land, and around the world’ – Rebecca Brown

There is the battle that is being fought daily over our physical and spiritual lives in Nigeria and this calls us to think of our choices and consequences. The question is, what are the “doorways” Satan is using to bring demonic destruction, perpetuates circle and harvest of death in Nigeria? It is all over the news that Nigeria entered the New Year with hope and prayers; but it has turned out that across the country from Kaduna, Rivers, Benue, and Kwara states is nothing but a harvest of deaths. In one of my books, Healing of the Land: A Call for Nigerian Rebirth, I made reference to the decay of nations as outlined by Apostle Paul as the pointer and basis of the origin of Nigeria problem.

The problem begins with all the ungodliness and unrighteousness of our leaders, ‘who suppress the truth in unrighteousness … although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man and bird… (Rom 1:18-20). The political and religious class in Nigeria are becoming idols full of greed and covetousness amassing wealth at the expense of the peoples’ security and well being. They are changing the glory of God’s prosperity over Nigerians to poverty, death, and sicknesses.

If the government want the people to believe that some of the killings have to do with clashes between herdsmen and farmers and not a war against Christianity especially in Benue State, the herdsmen must be brought to book. At least they are not ghost. Benue, the food basket of Nigeria, with ample fertile land for agriculture has experience enough calamities. The people are yet to recover from the last year devastating flood and its aftermath and now the suspected Fulani herdsmen have invaded many communities in Benue State killing over 50 person and leaving many other wounded.  One would have expected the government to follow up the recent anti-grazing law in the state with air and land surveillance rather than exposing the poor farmers to these satanic agent of death who struck while residents were in church observing end-of-year prayers.

The tragedy in River State on New Year day when suspected cult members murdered about 20 persons as they returned from church in Omoku could have been avoided if good security were put in place. One wonders what magic the offer of N200 million bounty by the River state governor, Nyesom Wike to reward any person with information leading to the arrest of the culprits in Omoku killings would do. Is this not medicine after death? Why was that bounty not use to procure security helicopters and logistics? Must the governor wait for tragedy before announcing a bounty? Our leaders knows that the people are very gullible and greedy for money. River state, the national treasure base is becoming a theatre of death, “havens for bloodthirsty hoodlums.”

Rebecca Brown in her book, Prepare for War rightly expressed our situation in Nigeria. She said, “Evil is walking openly in our land, and around the world, to the extent that would absolutely astound and horrify the average Christian were they to open their eyes and see.’ It is high time we discover the doorway of our tragedy including blood sucking demons and demonic leadership bondage inherited and transmitted. The truth is that where death reigns, calamity, evil, sorrow, disease, confusion, bitterness, and violence would be the daily occurrence. Let us arise and break the vicious cycle of death and their manpower at work over the affairs of Nigeria. Let us ask ourselves, are the demonic forces not perpetuating the cycle of death in Nigeria using a network of sin (corruption and greed) that is organised to influence institutions of leadership, political parties, religious groups and civil servants designed to sustain the reign of death and poverty? Nigerians, we must arise and break every intimidation, seductions, and deceptions. What do you say of a former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Dr. Clement Illoh Onubuogo, who was involved in the Sure-P scam and he is to permanently forfeit N664m and $137,680.11 to the Federal Government?

Lord in your mercy, deliver us and let us rejoice again.