Behind Sir Remi Omotoso’s legacies and exemplar services and leadership, there is a woman that God used and still going to use to glorify God in promoting and continuing her husband’s services to God and humanity. Sir Remi searched for a woman who brought him strength, obtained God’s favour and found a good woman in Matriarch Ebunoluwa. For 46 years, Sir Remi trusted Matriarch Ebunoluwa and ‘she brings good, not evil, all the days of her life (Prv 31:12). Indeed, Sir Remi is known at the city and corporate gates, where he sat among the elders (v 23).

Matriarch Lady Ebunoluwa by the meaning of her name is indeed a gift of God to Sir Remi. Matriarch Ebunoluwa is a purveyors of wisdom who reinforces and strengthens as a wife, prayer warrior, and a mother in a million. Married to Sir Remi when he was 29, she took large amount of load off her husband right from the beginning of their marriage. She supported and gave her husband Sir Remi wings to fly and prosper. She is the prayer power house that strengthened Sir Remi. Matriarch Lady Ebunoluwa as a home manager is not isolated or excluded from Sir Remi’s legacies and strides in the church, community and corporate boardroom engagement. In the family’s trying time, Matriarch Ebunoluwa’s prayerful character and covenant with God inspired her calling as a pastor and also as a Methodist local preacher. Despite her calling, her husband’s vision and happiness is her first priority and joy. She is creative and embraces beauty and godliness, a virtuous wife and mother of worth and beauty.

 In 2007 during a public presentation of my four books at Adebola House, Lagos, Sir Remi was to be the Father of the Day. Few minutes before the programme, surprisingly Matriarch Ebunoluwa walked into the hall. As a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of Christ, she was expected to lead an evening fellowship. She said, “My Rev, don’t worry, daddy’s assignment comes first. His flight back to Lagos was delayed and I have to represent him and be with you.” Matriarch Ebunoluwa, you are a wife of noble character, virtuous woman, excellent wife, capable wife, truly capable woman, worthy wife, woman of worth, valiant woman, and virtuous and capable mother.

Matriarch Ebunoluwa, it is very hard for anyone to lose their spouse but I know, Dad, Sir Remi would prefer to go back home before you. Dad lives on and he knows, with your God given strength and virtues, you shared Sir Remi’s zeal and mission without allowing the home front to suffer. Matriarch Ebunoluwa, this is a journey that carries a person down a path that is new, the good news is that, God is with you. Ma, you will arise beyond every emotions, questions, twists and turns that challenge any person, especially when you and the family have been dependent upon dad, your husband to define your role in life and in the society. To whom much is given, much is expected, dad gave much and his legacies lives on.

With my few visits to your Gbagada, Lagos home, and the way I usually saw you playing together like a newly wedded couple, the eye contact, and communication between you and dad remains a good lesson for me. At the Methodist Biennial Conference 2018 at Aba, during a dinner with Very Rev Amos Oladipo at De Golf Hotel, Aba, where we were lodged, Sir Remi joined us and most of our conversation was Sir Remi’s testimony about Matriarch Ebunoluwa, his lovely wife of 46 years. Mum Ebunoluwa thank you, you did not take Sir Remi’s gentle smile for granted. You did not take Sir Remi’s holding your hands for granted. You did not take Sir Remi’s mischievous winks for granted. You did not take Sir Remi’s passionate cuddles in the public and in the privacy of your room and his gentle ‘Ekiti’ smile for granted. You did not take Sir Remi’s warm/bear hugs and “I love you” for granted. Thank you. You did not take 46 years of sharing every second and minutes and days and weeks and years with Sir Remi for granted.

Matriarch Ebunoluwa, it is time to celebrate dad. Sir Remi lives on. We pray for God’s strength for you and the family to continue his exemplar service to God and humanity. His Foundation in serving God and humanity will surely come alive in Jesus name.

Please, remember Matriarch Ebunoluwa, the children, grandchildren, the siblings, and the entire family in prayer.