Month: August 2019

IN JESUS CHRIST ALONE: Healing for the church and nations from infirmity.

Every word of Jesus especially in the Gospel reading from Luke 13 is full of meaning. Jesus used the word “Now” to draw attention to a particular statement or point in a narrative. “Now” in the context of this text marks a consequence of Jesus’ earlier fact about the necessity of repentance. Repentance is necessary to escape not only eternal death but also to overcome earthly infirmity (vs 1-9). The healing of the crippled woman was a sign that God’s kingdom had come in power to deliver people from bondage (vs 10-17). With opposition from the ruler of the...

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O Lord, set our hearts on fire again!: God’s identity and role in the midst of human unfaithfulness.

The Old Testament and the New Testament readings on the 9th Sunday after Trinity reminds us of the meaning and need of this present time, a perilous polarising time when the soul of the church and the world and most especially when the integrity of the Christian faith are at stake. In order to discern and know the need and meaning of this time, the two main texts – from Jeremiah and Luke highlights God’s identity and role in the midst of human unfaithfulness especially in an age of false prophets and preachers. Theologically, the two texts reveals a...

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VERY REV DR MIKE OYE @ 80: The seemingly ‘ageless’ “MAD MIKE,” ‘Nigeria’s Tireless Revivalist.’

It was in 1992/93 at the University of Ibadan during my postgraduate programme, I was thinking of what to do next that Papa Mike Oye came for a ministration at the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU), Postgraduate Fellowship, Awolowo Hall. After his ministration on a particular night, we had a lengthy discussion on my burden for the ministry and the choice of travelling out of the country on mission. Today, the testimony is, all glory belong to God. Very Rev Dr Mike Oye of Nigerian parentage was born on Tuesday 8th August, 1939, and was raised in Ghana.  Papa...

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